Maximizing Seller Profit with Open Houses in Richmond Texas

Open Houses in Richmond Texas

Real Estate Agents estimate that at least 20% of sales results from Open Houses. If your property is presentable—that is, spotless from top to bottom-priced correctly, and located in a high-traffic area, you’re well on your way to a successful showing! Increase the odds of a good offer by paying attention to additional details in preparation and execution and you might even get an offer on the spot! 
Here are some tips for Successful Open Houses in Richmond Texas. 

Advertise The Open House

Let people know that you’re showing your house. Post internet listings everywhere: Write colorful, descriptive ads and place them in open house directories and web classifieds at least a week before you plan to show. Don’t forget personal social media! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Although advertising online is key, remember old-fashioned methods work too, like an ad in the community newspaper or newsletter, or even postings on a popular store or coffee shop bulletin board. 
On the day of the open house (traditionally a Sunday), set up a strategically mapped group of signs around the neighborhood, placing one every few blocks on the way to your house from major streets. Find the busiest intersection closest to your home and put your open house signs at those corners too. Attach a string of balloons to each open house sign, and include big arrows pointing in the right direction. 

Prepare the Premises for the Open House

In addition to decluttering and thoroughly cleaning your house, making it camera-ready before you put it on the market, you can make some special preparations for Open Houses themselves:

Put out the Paperwork

Great Open Houses in Richmond Texas are not just about ambiance. It is also cognisant to get down to business as well. 

Interact with Visitors 

Be upbeat and engaged as you greet each person who enters your home. Find out what they’re looking for and, if possible, show them why your home fits those requirements. 

Get feedback–lots of it! Ask buyers what they think of your home and if they would consider buying it. Many folks will demur or be noncommittal, but sometimes they might decide to sit at the kitchen table and write an offer. It happens more often than you would think. 

At the very least, you might even pick up some useful information about the impression your property is making, as well as quick fixes to address problems moving forward. 

Furthermore, if you don’t receive an offer at or directly after the open house, that doesn’t mean you were unsuccessful. The buyer might be obtaining a pre-approval letter on Monday and sending you an offer a day or two later. 

When Not to Hold an Open House

Some properties just aren’t suited for an open house. Some common reasons include: 

While it may seem odd that an agent would want to restrict market exposure for a listing, not to mention the chance to get buyer leads, many agents are categorically opposed to open houses. They may be too busy with other listings, or they may just find such showings a waste of time and effort. You and your Real Estate Agents should be on the same page about marketing your property. If you feel strongly about Open Houses in Richmond Texas and you’re unconvinced by your agent’s reasoning against it—consider switching your representation. 

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