Who Should I Hire?

Relocation Agents in Houston Interview Questions

They should be full time instead of part-time.

What is their average home sales in a year?

Have they sold any homes in your micro-market area?

Do they have ideas for “out of the box” marketing?

What is their average sale price?

What is their list to sale price ratio?

What are their average days on market?

Mortgage brokers

Are they local in Houston?

Can you schedule an initial face to face meeting with them?

Are they reachable on the weekends?

Do they have multiple financing options?

Do they have a minimum of 2 years experience?

Will they help explain other mortgage offers?

Now that you understand how to find great Relocation Agents, if you are looking to buy or sell in the Houston area and need a reputable Realtor, Contact Us today! Our process ensures a smooth and highly successful experience. We look forward to working with you.